Word puzzles in dead languages !

For some time now I’ve been working on a word games program against biblical texts. Having fun with language and meeting it in multiple contexts really helps with absorption. To this end then I have wanted to be able to produce word searches, cross-words and the like in Biblical Greek and Hebrew.  puzzles.fortysevenrooks.com provides a way to generate word searches from the original languages of the bible as a first step, and could be expanded very readily beyond that. It is rudimentary in many respects right now and there are a ton of obvious enhancements that could be done. But it demonstrates the point. It’s also basically usable. I cannot swear to stability.

I hope that with such puzzles people will find an enjoyable and educational pass time as they learn these languages, and just for fun.

Feel free to post comments or suggestions below. Also feel free to copy the word searches and use them for teaching, or just for fun. That’s the point after all – fun with language !


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