Alphabet trainer …

Just posted a new application to for practicing various alphabets. Check it out at This app gets you to practice ordering the letters of Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew or Hebrew transliteration in alphabetical order.

In addition it will time you and highlight any errors you have made when you are done. Hinting will come when I can work out a decent way to hint without giving too much away.

Page sizes on the web

It’s been quite a while since I have built a website. At the time I did it I was very conscious of page size. I was working on a website with many images of pottery, and it was 10 years ago, so there was reason to be concerned. Today I was working on a revision to to add a new SPA. I wanted to put up, and in fact did put up, an image based landing page with screenshots of the now two apps on the site. Comically it turns out I was worried about 150K of images ! A quick search on the web revealed a very informative article about page size growth over recent years. SeeĀ to understand why I needn’t have been concerned.